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Location of TrestleStreet studios. Photo, 1903


TrestleStreet was established in 2019 to serve the community, musicians, and artists of
Saranac Lake. Its goal is to provide affordable studio space for local and seasonal artists and space for music lessons, practice and jams. Additionally, there are common areas
available for private or public events. TrestleStreet strives to adhere to environmentally
friendly practices by using solar energy, encouraging its users to travel by foot or bicycle
and in promoting green guidelines for studio materials.


At TrestleStreet our creed is  “create alongside." Our studios are located alongside the railroad tracks and in the shadow of the former wooden trestle. We are  musicians, artists, and community members who work and learn together under one roof.

Mutual respect and thoughtful planning are necessary for individual and group success. We provide tools, such as the online scheduling calendar, studio tenant placement, and acoustic dampening, to build the best possible environment. Communication among the members and with the owner is also key to the success of a creative environment.



Known as the Whitman Cottage, this structure has undergone
several renovations to meet the needs of the community since its
construction in 1894. Originally built as a residence and a boarding
house, it was transformed, in the early twentieth century, to a cure
house for the treatment of tuberculous. When such treatment homes were no longer needed, the building was once again renovated in 1990 as an outpatient treatment center. The Whitman Cottage, throughout its history, has been a place to meet the changing needs of the community.

TrestleStreet continues that tradition  today.

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